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March 05, 2020


We continue to have a problem with trash being left outside of units.  Any trash bags, personal items, grills, etc., may result in you receiving a $100 fine per occurrence up to $1000 in accordance with Florida Statutes.  Please help keep the neighborhood clean -- and take your trash to the dumpster and store all personal items in the rear of the unit.  

March 01, 2020

Dumpster Rules

The Association has hired a company to come and clean up the dumpster weekly.  There should be nothing left outside of the dumpster.  All furniture or bulk items should be taken to the dump and not left be the dumpster or the side of the road.  

March 10, 2020

Unit Inspections

As a member of the Westridge Association, you are required to have all exterior changes, repairs, improvements, etc., approved by the Board. Please review the updated Rules and Regulations. Periodically, the Board will do inspections to check for rule compliance.

April 02, 2020

Crime Watch

Please keep your doors and windows locked in your car and home to prevent crimes in the neighborhood. Law enforcement advises to keep shrubs cut back from windows in order to keep anyone from hiding while trying to break into  your home.  Please contact Law Enforcement should you see suspicious people or activities.  Report all crimes immediately.  

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